CPEUM was founded in 1996 in response to a growing demand pertaining to landscape. Affiliated with the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Montreal, CPEUM remains the only laboratory in Quebec specializing in this field. It is the mission of CPEUM to develop knowledge and means of intervention in landscape and environment. To execute its mission, CPEUM focuses on collaborations with key partners namely:

CPEUM reaches beyond traditional approaches by intersecting various disciplines of design - landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning, industrial design - as well as humanities and natural sciences. It promotes actionable research based on experimentation and openness to multi-disciplinary knowledge, an essential tool for the development of practical, methodological and theoretical knowledge.

Further to knowledge development, CPEUM also commits to training and knowledge sharing.

Through publishing books or articles and organizing seminars and conferences, it seeks to disseminate the acquired knowledge as widely as possible - locally, nationally and internationally. CPEUM also aims to train a new generation of high-level scientists. It is very active in education as well as in supervising postgraduate students. CPEUM also regularly involves graduate and undergraduate students in its projects.

Whether through new knowledge development activities, dissemination and training, the work of CPEUM converges towards a single goal: to improve the quality of life and the identity of Quebec’s urban and rural areas.