Anne Ardouin

Study level

Ph.D., Aménagement, Université de Montréal (2015)


Anne Ardouin

Thesis title

Paysages d'adolescents du Québec, saisons en regards filmiques


Paysages d’adolescents du Québec, saisons en regards filmiques chronicles the journey to define the intimate relationship between adolescents and their environment. This study documents the natural and social elements of images filmed over the course of two seasons: fall and winter. Our text thereby contributes to the exploration of adolescents’ environmental values. On one hand, our research finds an oscillation between nature and society in the filmed images. It also shows the home—the platform upon which adolescents’ landscape awareness develops on a smaller scale—as the driving force behind the establishment of roots. The methodology used to achieve these results was drawn from projects in Montérégie and Bas-Saint-Laurent high schools in which adolescents filmed their environment and then evaluated and described the images captured. The analyses of recurring observations and successive themes allowed us to target the many dimensions of the adolescent’s relationship with their landscape.

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Gérald Domon, thesis director, Université de Montréal
Philippe Poullaouec-Gonidec, thesis co-director, Université de Montréal